Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Recommended Reading

I wanted to provide a list of books that I consider to be valuable in the journey to becoming a knowledgeable investor. These books deal directly with dividends or at least has some content that is pertinent. Please take a look. Comment on any other books that you have found valuable as well.

The Dividend Growth Investment Strategy: How to Keep Your Retirement Income Doubling Every Five Years - Roxann Klugman
- A good summary of the dividend investment strategy with many solid examples.

The Dividend Rich Investor: Building Wealth with High-Quality, Dividend-Paying Stocks - Joseph Tigue, Joseph Lisanti
- Similar to Klugman's book, but not quite as in-depth.

The Single Best Investment - Lowell Miller
- This is a very convincing book. Well written. Does focus on US utilities too much IMO.

The Dividend Connection - Geraldine Weiss
- Geraldine has had amazing success investing in dividend paying stocks. Check out their newsletter

Eight Steps to Seven Figures - Charles Carlson
- A little too much fluff, but good overall wealth-building concepts.

Mergent's Dividend Achievers Winter 2005 - Mergent Inc.
- Mergent tracks company dividends, and keeps a comprehensive list of companies that have increased their dividend on a regular basis. Check them out

The Intelligent Investor - Benjamin Graham, Jason Zweig
- The investing bible. Enough said.


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Blogger Canadian Capitalist said...

I liked your blog and your investing style and I made a post out of it :)

Canadian Capitalist

7/27/2005 07:57:00 PM  
Anonymous money making opportunity said...

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